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Cheapest way to get to Australia from the UK


Still bargains to be had, even when travelling half way across the globe.  Let’s narrow down the cheapest way to get you to Australia with a complete bucket list of things to do.

Australia is more accessible than ever before.  Years ago, it would have been a real treat and ultimate life experience to travel to Australia.  Nowadays you can really snap up a bargain flight, and many travel Australia for months and even years on a budget.  The last time I visited Australia, I travelled to Melbourne and stayed with family.   We had a blast, travelling around the south east coast including the Great Ocean Road plus a stop over in Sydney.  Whether you’re a Neighbours fan or a Penguin fan, spend at least 3-4 weeks in Australia to get a decent experience.   If you really want to immerse yourself in Australian culture, spend at least 6 months there, keep yourself going with a part time job and learn to surf.

The cheapest flights to Australia right now based on 2 Weeks

Usually flights to Australia can be up to £800-£900 Return, but we’ve found flights for under £500 at points in the year.

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What to do in Australia?

Now what a broad question that is.   Imagine Australia as a colossal theme park where you spend 4 hours queuing for 3 rides and then the day is over before you know it.  I would say to anyone, take a year out to visit Australia to fully experience the whole theme park.  If you’re a student, great opportunity for a gap year.  If you’re working, then ask your employer for a sabbatical or even make the most of your time off between jobs.  Whatever you decide, Australia is a must.  There’s so many reasons Brits take the 24 hour flight here every year, but here’s just a few:

The Great Ocean Road

This spectacular road winds alongside the south coast of Australia.  It’s about a 90 minute drive from the centre of Melbourne, so just hire a car and hit the road.  The beauty of this attraction is that there’s little to no planning involved.  This road is 249 miles long of perfect, deserted sandy beaches from Torquey to Nelson.  I would recommend 2-3 days on this.  Take in the scenary and make pitstops at beachside villages, sample the local oysters and meet the native wildlife.  Make sure you visit the Aboriginal culture centre at Tower Hill near Warrnambooland.  If you don’t have the chance to do everything, you will just have a really relaxed holiday and it’s not to be missed.

St Kilda Pier – Penguin Watch!

Now this experience is not on your typical “Top 10 things to do in Australia” guide.  We’re going off the beaten track here.  St Kilda Pier is roughly 6km from Melbourne and is one of the most surreal experiences I’ve had.  Park yourself on a bench on St Kilda beach with a nice cold beer and wait for the St Kilda penguins to come home to their partners after a long day of fishing.  As they waddle in off the beach, they walk straight past you and into the hills where they live to fight another day.  What a way to round off your day at the beach, a spectacle not to be missed.

Bondi Beach – Surfs Up!

Live like the Aussies, wake up at 9am for an early morning surf.  Chill at the Bondi beach with a few beers and a BBQ.  Finally, finish off your day with another afternoon surf just before the sunset.  Surfing is an integral part of Australian culture, so if you haven’t learned to surf by the time you return to the UK, did you really go to Australia?  If surfing doesn’t float your boat, you can paddle board too.  Just watch the Jellyfish!

Walk across Sydney Harbour Bridge

To do this, it’s absolutely free.  You will have such lovely views of the Sydney Opera House and the rest of the city.  If you have the budget, climb the bridge and get insane views of the city.   If you have some extra budget, you can get a boat ride around the harbour and if you happen to visit between May and October, they perform a spectacular fireworks display once per week.  It’s a great feel good experience and good way to round off your city break.

Rent a Kayak at Noosa River.

If you’re still heading up the east coast to Brisbane, make sure you visit the Noosa River.  An especially great place to visit and very popular for backpackers and adventurers.  Noosaville has a particular laid back attitude with perfect picnic spots, eateries, bars and fishing hotspots.  The people have a great spirit and will look after you like their own Noosaville’s.  Just watch the Crocs!

Litchfield National Park

Okay, now let’s round it off by heading North to Litchfield National Park.  Famous for it’s Instagram worthy waterfall’s, swimming in the natural pools and the amazing landscape.  Take your time here.  Walk through the waterfall walkways and visit the historic ruins.  If you’re feeling particularly daring, daily Helicopter rides take off above the Lost City.   Staying here is easy.  You can camp at the park or sleep in Darwin for a more luxury stay.

If you do end up booking these flights to Australia, do let us know. We like to feature our favourite photos at the top of this article.

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